Nottingham University Hospitals trust has apologised over “shortcomings” after a baby died of a suspected salt overdose after being put on a saline drip.

Four-month-old Samuel Robert McIntosh had been born prematurely, and died three days after it was found that he had become severely dehydrated at the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Dr Stephen Fowlie, medical director of the trust, said: “We apologise for any shortcomings in our care of their child. We are supporting the family in this difficult time and keeping them fully informed of our investigations into the loss of their baby.”

Nottinghamshire coroner Dr Nigel Chapman is to formally open and adjourn an inquest after previously stating that the baby had died of an electrolyte imbalance.

Samuel’s father Rob said that he would not comment until all the facts have been established at the inquest. He said: “I think there has been far too much speculation, and I’d be far happier to speak about things when the coroner has made his decision. Until then I do not want to comment.”