PERFORMANCE: The trust had work overdue on five national patient safety alerts in July, latest Department of Health data show.

Data extracted from the NHS Central Alerting System on 19 July show work still ongoing at Aintree on one alert – titled early identification of failure to act on radiological imaging reports – which was due to be completed in February 2008.

Another outstanding alert was due to be completed in April 2010, a third in November 2011, and the remaining two in April 2012.

Only one acute provider had a greater number of alerts outstanding in July: City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation Trust, with seven.

Apart from Aintree, there were four other trusts with five outstanding safety alerts: Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust, Birmingham East and North primary care trust, Birmingham Women’s Foundation Trust, and Southport and Ormskirk Hospital Trust.

The alerts are issued by the National Patient Safety Agency and other national agencies address avoidable problems that have repeatedly caused harm or death.

NHS trusts are required to respond to alerts and to indicate on the web-based Central Alerting System when they have completed the actions required, or to confirm that no action is required.