PERFORMANCE: Recent performance board papers for Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG warn of a “number of issues” regarding its contract with its main service provider Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

“There is a concern around a few national quality targets that have previously allowed local adjustments and the potential penalties associated with it. Local adjustments have now been removed due to changes in contracts.

“To mitigate the financial risk to the trust we have agreed some contract principles around how the penalties will be applied and assessed against the health economy as a whole.”

It says that the trust’s “main concern” surrounds C.Difficile “due to the significant financial risk to the trust with potential financial penalties against breach of targets”. It warns that the trust has a C.Difficile target of 9 which it says is one of the lowest targets in the county. 

“In previous years the PCT has been allowed to adjust to a local target to 35 before invoking financial penalties.”