FINANCE: Airedale Foundation Trust posted a surplus of £393,000 at the end of January, £275,000 more than planned.

Earnings before interest, taxes and amortisation were £611,000 better than planned in month 10 of 2014-15.

Payment by results income was more than £2m above plan, driven mainly by daycases, outpatient procedures and high cost drugs, which were offset by cost, non-elective and direct access elements.

Deputy director of finance Amy Whitaker said in a report for a trust board meeting: “The majority of over-trade is driven by non-elective activity, which has been significantly higher than expected over the last couple of months, as well as the discharge of a number of complex, long stay patients.

“Use of medical agency staff has also improved in the month due to successfully filling a number of vacancies, replacing agency staff with locums and reduced sickness.”