We wager that on a Sunday morning the gentle sounds of the introduction music to Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, to say nothing of presenter Kirsty Young's dulcet tones, sooth many a reader. So how did you feel to hear health secretary Alan Johnson on the programme recently? Was your first thought: is there no escape?

But happily it seems Alan and Kirsty did not discuss health policy on the programme, choosing instead to concentrate on his remarkable journey from life as an orphan in the slums of 1950s London to that of a cabinet minister. We are impressed by his modesty - sadly often found lacking in Whitehall - in admitting he is not up to the job of prime minister too. What he does have in common with our most recent ex PM is a desire to be a rock star; an ambition, according to his children that remains undimmed.

Meanwhile, some of his desert island choices include Friday On My Mind by the Easy Beats, David Bowie's Drive In Saturday (we're sensing a theme here) and the Super Furry Animal's Cityscape Skybaby.

For a full list of Alan's choices, including what luxury he would take (clue, it’s not a Departmental document) go to


But we could not resist thinking of a few that were left off the list. Given Alan's part jobs as postie and trade unionist, some of the following may seem a bit obvious but we could not resist The Marvelettes'Please Mr Postman or Gordon is a Moron by Kilted John.

What suggestions do you have? Send them to hsjendgame@emap.com and we'll play Johnson Jury.