WORKFORCE: The foundation’s human resources director warned directors it may have to impose changes to the terms it gives staff who provide “on call” services, in a report to its 5 April board meeting.

In the briefing, Jayne Shaw wrote: “Terms and conditions of employment for NHS staff are, in the main, negotiated and agreed at a national level.

“However there have been a number of recent examples where these negotiations have failed and responsibility for agreement and implementation has been passed to local employers; this includes on call payments, freeze on incremental progression and arrangements for the Royal Wedding.”

She continued: “The most significant of these is on call and the Trust is currently working on the development of a joint proposal with trade unions which will cover all staff who provide on call services. This piece of work is due to be completed by the summer.

“However, there is a risk the Trust will not be able to agree a joint proposal, and that new arrangements will need to be imposed. Where on call requirements are contractual this will result in staff being terminated and re-engaged. Where on call is covered on a voluntary basis staff may withdraw their services for on-call.”