September 4, 1941, Public Assistance Journal and Health & Hospital Review

In the Queries and Replies column this week: 'How much of the five shillings belonging to a ‘casual’ should be deducted from their unemployment insurance benefit when they are admitted to a casual ward.'

Also: 'What are the reasonable charges for the lodging, maintenance, medicine, clothing and care for a rate aided person of unsound mind? As a man has been removed to the county mental hospital in B borough and his wife resides in the county of S, is she removable to B borough in place of her husband’s settlement or is she exempt from removal?'

The answer to the first is that the casual should lose one day of benefit for the pleasure of staying overnight in a casual ward. But for the latter, you will be relieved to read, appears to be that the wife cannot be removed because her husband resides elsewhere.