October 31, 1941, Public Assistance Journal and Health & Hospital Review

At the Bridgwater Institution, a male officer (resident) with a quite diverse range of skills was required. Said officer had to be able to undertake the shaving and haircutting of inmates and was also required to have a knowledge of gardening. Perhaps they would be required to trim lawns and hedges in addition to hair. Salary was£70 a year, with indoor uniform and emoluments 'valued at£75'.

We were disappointed to not find further notices that stated a required knowledge of hairdressing or gardening, although anyone wanting to apply to be a female mental attendant at the Stone Poor Law Institution in Staffordshire would also be required to assist with plain sewing.

Rather more on the medical front, elsewhere nurses with recent experience of nursing in a recognised hospital were wanted in Bishop Auckland and assistant nurses with fever or tuberculosis experience were required at a sanatorium in Ware, Hertfordshire.