4 December, 1936, Public Assistance Journal and Health & Hospital Review

Public assistance and hospital managers looking to liven up life in their institutions this week may have been cheered by an advertisement this week. Clifford Kemp, a 'film renter' based in The Headrow, Leeds, was advertising his 1000 plus 'talking and silent films: features, comedies (Charlie Chaplin etc), cartoons and interest available for rent.' He asked: 'May I quote you for a series of programmes suited to your needs?' How terribly polite. Said advertiser also sold silent film projectors from£60 and talking picture apparatus from£185, 'as supplied to cinemas throughout the British Isles'.

Already under contract to the London County Council and a number of schools, institutions, mental institutions and hospitals throughout the land, Mr Kemp said that the 25 years he had spent in the industry was at customer's service and offered testimonials on request: 'All enquiries receive my immediate personal attention.'