10 December, 1954, Hospital and Social Service Journal

Articles of handicraft made by blind people had been exhibited in Middlesex, said the Journal this week. All the work exhibited had been done by blind people who 'owing to age or infirmity or for some other reason, were not able to engage in ordinary wage earning occupations' and the money from the sale of the articles would be donated to them.

In declaring the exhibition open chairman of Middlesex County Council Mrs A N H Baines said 'I hope you will give as generously as you can to this good cause, which means independence for these courageous blind people.'

Handcrafts for sale included basket and leather work, needlework, knitting and crochet. They had been taught to the exhibitors at weekly classes or in their own homes.

A prize was awarded to 92 year old Mrs Juster of South Harrow for a 'beautifully crocheted white cot cover' and to Mrs Cachier-Macree of Southall for a wastepaper basket of intricate design.