December 18, 1936, Public Assistance Journal and Health & Hospital Review

On the abdication:

'The swift current of unprecedented national events has swept to a climax and receded again since last we went to press. From the time when the first disconcerting signs of crisis were made plain to the public, the situation grew steadily more tense until it reached finality with the intimation to Parliament of King Edward's irrevocable decision. It early became apparent that the final choice, the ultimate decision of the momentous issues that had been raised, rested with King Edward himself alone. That his decision, made, as he himself made in his message to Parliament, after long and anxious consideration, should have been to renounce the Throne was matter for profoundest regret and personal sorrow to his people. In accepting that decision, sorrowfully but inevitably, the nation did not cease to be grateful for all his devoted services to it and to its welfare in the past.'