Public Assistance Journal and Health & Hospital Review, January 16, 1948

On the care of premature infants: “Manchester Health Committee points out that such special provision for infants born prematurely is urgently necessary at Withington Hospital.”

The accommodation was intended to include such facilities as a crockery steriliser in the kitchen, installation of air conditioning in the existing nursery, a second nursery, a milk preparation room, a sister’s room, an infant's bath and changing room and a nursery for noisy infants, The last two requirements were specifically stated as needed by the Ministry of Health.

Elsewhere, the quality of work done during occupational therapy by patients at St Martin’s Hospital in Bath was described as “really marvellous” by the Mayor of Bath Alderman Sam Day. He pointed out that it demonstrated the interest which was taken in keeping patient’s minds and fingers occupied. The exhibits included tea cosies, toys, scarves, shopping bags and aprons, embroidered tablecloths and “a specially fine hand knitted bedspread, one square of which had been worked by each of the patients.”