September 26, 1941, Public Assistance Journal and Health & Hospital Review

There was a report this week on the administration of feeding services, where the joint guidance of the National Council of Civil Service and the Women’s Voluntary Services for Civil Defence was called upon.

‘These two bodies are working together to co-ordinate voluntary effort with regard to community feeding in appropriate areas.’

The Women’s Voluntary Service ran around 1500 canteens all over the country, ranging from ‘British Restaurants (sic) to community feeding centres for evacuated mothers and children, school canteens for children, canteens of all kinds for HM Forces and also mobile canteens for both Civil Defence workers and for the Services.’

The organisation’s latest venture was a ‘rural cash and carry kitchen’ for agricultural workers and their families and it had written a guide to community feeding in wartime.

The guide recommended that then head of feeding centre should have catering experience and voluntary help recruited from the local neighbourhood.