PERFORMANCE: Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust met its target for MRSA cases in 2010-11 and undercut its target for Clostridium difficile cases.

The latest hospital infection rates, published at the end of the last financial year, show the trust reported five MRSA cases, which was the limit it had been set. This included a 246 day stretch without any cases being reported. For C difficile, the trust was set a limit of 67 cases and reported 36.

The trust has been set 2011-12 targets of no more than four cases of MRSA and no more than 33 for C difficile. Chief nurse Suzanne Rankin said: “Last year, quite rightly, the Department of Health set us very tough infection control limits and through continued vigilance from staff we met these for both MRSA bacteraemia and for clostridium difficile, reporting our lowest ever figures.”