PERFORMANCE: Ashford and St Peter’s has reported 365 days without a hospital acquired MRSA bacteraemia at the trust – one of only 11 in England to do so.

The trust said it was a “significant achievement” and demonstrated commitment to first-class infection control and the “hard work put in by staff at all levels”.

Chief nurse Suzanne Rankin comments: “We are delighted that we have just recorded one whole year without a hospital acquired MRSA case, which is a fantastic achievement.

“Of course we can’t afford to be complacent and we will ensure our efforts to maintain this fantastic record continue.”

The trust’s threshold for MRSA cases for 2011-12 is no more than four cases.

It said it has undertaken a number of actions to reinforce its infection control protocols, including:

  • Regular review of antibiotic protocols, dosing and timings to help prevent infections after surgery
  • Further reinforcement of the importance of hand hygiene and its overall hygiene code (including bare below the elbow) and 6 monthly hand hygiene roadshows
  • Updating the trust’s policy for taking blood cultures, ensuring all requests are signed off by a consultant or registrar and that no member of staff, under any circumstance, is allowed to take a blood culture unless they have successfully completed specific training