PERFORMANCE: Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has failed to rectify a “risk to patient safety” –outstanding since 2009 – because of delays with software.

In its latest quality report, the trust identifies two outstanding National Patient Safety Agency alerts.

One alert, for which the deadline to rectify the issue was 19 September 2009, says there is a “risk to patient safety of not using the NHS Number as the national identifier for all patients”.

In its status report on the alert, the trust said it was “still awaiting the release of version 4.3 from iSOFT to resolve this issue”.

It added: “iSOFT has confirmed that this version is currently in testing but no confirmed date has been provided for this version to become available on general release. Other trusts with the same CliniCom Patient Administration System are in the same position.”

The second outstanding alert relates to the “early identification of failure to act on radiological imaging reports”.

The deadline for complying with the alert was 5 February 2007 but the report suggested that an IT application had now been put in place to largely address the issue.

It states: “The application has been completed and will be transferred to a live environment by 22 July 2011 with a ‘roll-out’ to all users by the end of August 2011.”