FINANCE: The primary care trust has identified £13.4m of “firm savings” it can make to bridge its 2011-12 “funding gap”, board papers show.

Of these efficiency savings, £12.7m is expected to come from the commissioner’s quality, innovation, productivity, and prevention (QIPP) plan.

The biggest single savings listed in that plan, were a £1.4m funding cut for procedures of limited clinical value, and £1m from reducing hospital readmissions. Both sums had been deducted from the Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Foundation Trust contract offer, the 24 March document stated.

The 2011-12 financial plan presented to that board meeting also depends on the PCT being able to access the full £10.9m of its funding allocation that will be held back by NHS North West this year.

These funds can only be accessed through “a formal request” made through a “business case proving that the monies released will be used to fund only truly non-recurrent, in-year schemes” the plan explains.

It lists redundancy payments, ‘pump-priming’ investments for service redesign, and a review of specialist nurse activity at the foundation trust, among the potential uses it could cite for accessing the funds.