FINANCE: NHS Ashton, Leigh and Wigan’s main acute provider, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh FT, is on track to make planned savings through reductions in emergency and alcohol related admissions, its latest quality, innovation, productivity and prevention report states.

The report notes that not all of its planned QIPP savings were removed from acute sector contracts at the start of the year. Among those were planned reductions in emergency admissions, reductions in alcohol related admissions, and contract conditions.

“If QIPP in these areas is to be achieved, then the contract with Wrightington Wigan and Leigh [Foundation Trust must under spend by the QIPP amounts in these areas. The under spend must total £3.05m.

“Monthly monitoring of the contract shows that this level of target saving is currently being achieved.”

On emergency admissions, it explains that the plan from April to September this year was based on “reducing the conversion rate from attendance to admission”.

It continues: “M2 freeze data demonstrates that Non-Elective activity has reduced by £317,444 from plan and is therefore currently on target to achieve savings”.

From the first of October, the PCT contracting team intends to “implement a block contract element to the WWL contract” which “will ‘write-in’ the rest of the saving”.

The report adds that the “essential elements” to deliver the reduction – including GP triage in accident and emergency – are in place.