Age related hearing loss affects more than half of all people over 60, but innovative commissioning can achieve better outcomes as well as economic savings, and will be a talking point at the Commissioning Show 2014

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Hearing test

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It is the second most common public health issue in older people behind mobility problems, and with an ageing population, it poses an increasing burden on the NHS.

Join the debate on age related hearing loss at Commissioning 2014

Join the debate that will examine how innovative commissioning can achieve better outcomes as well as economic savings.

Hear and now - commissioning community hearing services – what do patients really want? 26 June, 11.10-11.45am

The seminar will be addressed by leading experts:

  • Professor Kevin Munro, Ewing professor of audiology, Manchester University; and consultant clinical scientist for Central Manchester Manchester Foundation Trust;
  • Dr Roger Henderson, GP and senior partner;
  • Harjit Sandhu, head of policy and operations of the National Community Hearing Association; and
  • Colin Campbell, director of professional services and NHS, Specsavers Hearing Centres.

These experts will provide a GP perspective on commissioning hearing services to improve patient outcomes, present patient case studies and debate economic and policy considerations in relation to the effective management of age related hearing loss, within a focus on improving patient outcomes and achieving economic savings.

Apply for a complimentary delegate pass, reserved for NHS, public sector and qualified health professionals.

The condition is also one of the most overlooked conditions, with over 4 million people in the UK who could benefit from wearing hearing instruments.

When left untreated, it can lead to an increased risk of dementia and falls and further co-morbidities, increasing the longer term management and resource costs to the NHS.

Seminar for solutions

But what options are available to commissioners of adult audiology services?

How can innovative routes to commissioning community based hear care deliver better patient outcomes while saving the NHS money?

What is the evidence base to support this approach? And what does a good adult hearing service actually look like in practice?

These are just some of the questions that will be asked and answered at an expert led seminar at the Commissioning show at London’s Excel.

The two day conference will see more than 7,000 healthcare professionals gather from across the UK to discuss and share experiences covering a wide array of commissioning related topics, including new approaches to commissioning services for patients with multiple long term conditions, including age related hearing loss.

You can join the discussion on Twitter via @CommShow, and use the hashtag #Commissioning2014. See what Specsavers has to say via @Specsavers and share your own views on what the ideal adult hearing service should look like. You can also visit Specsavers at stand L51 at the show.

Tom McKnight is head of NHS contract development for Specsavers Hearing Centres