FINANCE: The east London primary care trust’s £6.1m quality, innovation, productivity and prevention plan (QIPP), submitted in January, has been fully risk-assessed as the best of the four outer north east London PCTs.

Havering, Redbridge, and Waltham Forest PCTs had a gap between their original plans and what has been risk-assessed of £17.6m. The gaps are 42, 46 and 64 per cent respectively,a finance paper from the cluster reports.

The report said workshops with staff had “generated significant positive energy but also highlighted a number of issues” including: confidence around delivery, the timeliness of information and ownership “on the ground” of initiatives.

The report also said in January the outturn positions for 2010-11 deteriorated by roughly £15m across the sector and that a “forensic review of PCT budgets had been carried out”.

It added: “As a result a number of additional de-commissioning decisions will need to be made by boards.To date Barking and Dagenham PCT have identified a further £5.5m, Havering PCT £1.5m and Redbridge and Waltham Forest PCTs £1m each.”