PERFORMANCE: The east London trust saw 15 MRSA bacteraemias in 2010-11 against a target of 11.

A report said in mitigation that three of the episodes were from one patient with an “ongoing infection” and a formal appeal against two of these had been submitted.

The trust said the figure still showed a 20 per cent reduction compared with the previous financial year.

BHRUT’s C.diff yearly total was 111 against a target of 128 but this “represents an increase of 37 per cent compared with 2009-10 when the yearly total was 81 cases. Most of the excess number of cases originated from Queen’s where there was evidence of cross infection on some wards.

“Since November 2010 when an individual review of cases with ward staff was introduced, there has been a sustained decrease in cases with 4 to 6 cases per month, compared with monthly totals of 10-16 cases between June and November 2010. The new target for 2011-12 of 80 cases should be achievable if current standards are maintained.”