STRUCTURE: The trust responded to a consultation on plans for cardviovascular reconfiguration in London, saying it had “little confidence in the ability of a centralised project to produce a responsive service”.

The trust’s letter was included in a list of consultation responses to the cardiovascular services reconfiguration proposals sent to NHS London’s Strategy and Innovation Performance Leadership Group.

The plan would see greater concentration of cardiovascular services at fewer institutions in the capital.

Barnet and Chase Farm said: “The proposals presented appear to serve better the requirements of central institutions and clinicians than those of the majority of our patients. in the view of the trust it is regrettable and indeed notable that the clinicians selected to undertake this review are all representatives of central institutions and it is perhaps the case that has lead to a failure to appreciate the vlue which our patients place upon an excellent local service.”

It added: “The trust would wish to work as part of an extended network but is forced to point out the difficulties attendant on the transfer of patients to the central London centres owing largely to capacity issues and sees no immediate or indeed medium prospect of a change in this circumstance, particularly if this centralisation agenda is pushed ahead.

“The experience of the trust in hub and spoke working does not bring us to the conclusion that this model maintains highly skilled eprsonnel in the periphery, indeed rather the opposite, as understandably senior clinicians are attracted to the major centre.”

University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust also wrote a letter to the consultation team but it was not included in the report.

The London GP Council supported the proposals.

The report noted that no formal response was received from the British Medical Association, the Royal College of GPs, the British Cardiovascular Intervention Soceity, the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland, or the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery.