STRUCTURE: Dr Nick Balac has been appointed as the chair of the NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group.

Previously, two practice based commissioning groups in Barnsley, which were not geographically contiguous, were seeking to become independent commissioning groups.

They were some of the last CCGs to agree their geography, and agreed to merge last year.

Dr Balac’s appointment marks a further step forward.

Dr Balac was previously chair of the Barnsley Peoples First Commissioning Consortium practice based commissioning group.

He is joined by the following appointments to the governing body: Dr Clare Bannon; Dr Rob Farmer; Dr John Harban; Dr Marban Ghani; Dr Sudhagar Krishnaswamy;  Dr Nick Luscombe and Mr Jim Logan. Mr Chris Ruddlesdin has been appointed as the lay member representing patients and public.  The CCG has also appointed Mark Wilkinson as Chief Officer.