STRUCTURE: Barts Health Trust has reported it is likely to be ‘escalated’ to the Department of Health for scrutiny of its foundation trust application.

The DH “escalates” trusts that have missed targets in their agreed plans for becoming foundation trusts.

A report from Barts chief executive Peter Morris to the board of the £1.1bn turnover organisation said he expected to be escalated in September.

The document said: “The trust’s tripartite formal agreement (TFA) - which sets out the foundation trust trajectory has been rated as red for July 2012 by NHS London following an amber/red rating in June.

“Progress against TFA milestones is rated green but the performance adjustment has taken the overall rating to red, based on service performance being rated as ‘performance under review’ and financial performance being rated as ‘underperforming’.

“With the July rating reflecting performance in May 2012, it is likely that the August and September ratings (reflecting performance in June and July) will remain red, driven largely by the financial position.

“Under the monitoring and escalation process, three successive red ratings result in a meeting with the Department of Health to discuss the concerns and agree immediate actions to address the issues.”

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