FINANCE: A trust with one of the largest predicted year end deficits in the country has revised it down by £11m, to £39m.

Barts Health Trust was predicting a £50m year-end deficit in December, but one of its March board papers states this has been “reassessed” down to £39m.

The paper states: “The main reason for this reassessment is partly due to the trust successfully redeploying staff and therefore reducing the need for redundancy costs. In addition, the recent improvements in patient treatment income have meant that for the last four months we have been in run rate balance.”

The trust had been expecting to make 140 nursing, clerical and administrative staff redundant. A trust spokeswoman said “we have reduced this number to fewer than 40 thanks to success with redeployment, as well as some staff leaving”, reducing redundancy costs.

The spokeswoman said the reduced number of staff redundancies may not go ahead and that “redeployment steps are still ongoing”.

The improved deficit forecast also depends on the trust making £64.3m in cost improvement savings. £47.2m has been delivered so far this year.

The trust reported an in-month surplus of £2.9m in January, which took the year to date deficit to £31m. The papers stated: “The in month surplus was mainly due to month 10 having more working days and therefore income being higher in the month.”