PERFORMANCE: Berkshire West PCT exceeded its target on C difficile cases in 2010-11, and underperformed on immunisation, despite strong overall performance on key indicators.

The trust’s finance and performance report for 2010-11, laid before the board’s May meeting, said 24 C difficile cases were reported in March, leaving the PCT 77 above the target limit of 256 for the year.

However there were only five MRSA cases in 2010-11, against a target of eight.

The other major area of underperformance was immunisation. The MMR vaccination coverage for five-year-olds stood at 85 per cent, against a target of 95 per cent.

Vaccination rates for haemophilus influenza type b  and meningitis C, streptococcus and diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus were also all below target.