PERFORMANCE: Birmingham Women’s Foundation Trust is struggling financially on gynaecology and maternity services, and struggling to achieve its own objectives in four out of five service areas.

April board papers gave gynaecology and maternity services red ratings for finance for quarter four of 2011-12.

Corporate services had a green finance rating, despite failing to deliver its cost improvement target of holding 30 whole time equivalent vacancies.

Gynaecology reported a year-end deficit despite rising referrals, as did the trust’s maternity service, where sickness absence was identified as an “ongoing concern” for maternity services.

However, the genetics directorate was congratulated for over-achieving on its savings target, while the maternity team was commended for implementing a project to increase the number of births handled by the trust.

In the fifth area, neonatal care, “progress with objectives” was green-rated at 89 per cent, with a sustained reduction in neonatal deaths, despite a small financial deficit.