Take it from End Game, there’s nothing more frustrating for a journalist than getting an interesting story with an insufficient level of detail, requiring numerous follow up calls to request extra information.

So we heartily thank North Middlesex University Hospital for supplying us with all the facts in a recent press release.

“Beat the heat with an ice lolly at North Middlesex University Hospital”, ran the headline.

The next 464 words explained exactly how that worked.

Possibly anticipating news editors’ demands for those extra bits of colour that make the story come to life, the release informed us that the lollies not only combated the high temperatures and helped patients take in fluids, but also that they were “rocket-shaped”.

Ronald Gibbs, 88, chose a raspberry and orange flavoured lolly, we learned.

But what about the patients who prefer soft ice cream? Don’t worry, they were covered too: “Our older patients like soft ice cream more and we are giving them the choice”, the release assured us.

So, did the gesture go down well? Peter Marr from Winchmore Hill seemed to appreciate it. “It’s made my day,” he said. “Delicious!”

Thank goodness for that.