Now that the NHS has been wrested from the cold dark hands of Whitehall civil servants (allegedly) the Department of Health’s surveillance function appears to have turned its evil eye to social media to keep track of what is going on out there.

A few startled members of the NHS Twitteratti last week including HSJ’s very own Alastair McLellan and Shaun Lintern found themselves followed by a new and mysterious Twitter account called @DHMonitoring. Its description informs users its sinister purpose is only to “monitor health commentary”.

This was described variously as “creepy” and “stalking” by the Twittering masses, but DH digital engagement manager Susy Wootton was quick to reassure, tweeting: “Not stalking just being open about listening : )”

Endgame understands there was some sadness among national health correspondents, particularly with one Times reporter, not to feature on the list.