End Game was a little bit bemused to discover that Baroness Cumberlege – the former Tory health minister who holds paid positions at the King’s Fund, KPMG and PWC – prefers blackberries to Black History Month.

Bear with us, we realise that reads oddly. We were not aware that you had to make a choice between the two until we read her tweet: “October is blackberry month. Hedges full to bursting. Forget black history Enjoy the fruits of this earth.” The noble lady followed this with a link to an NHS Employers web page explaining exactly what Black History Month is.

What an odd thing to say, we thought, hoping that maybe she was under the impression that Black History Month was an inferior form of autumnal fruit, or that her account had been hacked by someone eager to destroy her reputation.

So imagine our relief when, following a number of baffled replies, she clarified her position. “Apologies to Black History followers”, twote she, “Yes support it heart &soul.Lesson learnt. Thought it was black= war, nazi history. Research in future.”

Thank goodness for that! Never mind research, Baroness - just reading the first paragraph of the web page you’d linked to originally would have done the trick.