Ministers’ celebrations to mark the NHS’s 65th birthday earlier this year reflected the tough financial times and were suitably free of razzmatazz. They unveiled some proposals to improve patient care and visited some provider trusts.

However, private hospitals are less self-conscious about making a dent in the events budget.

End Game was thrilled to be invited to the independent London Bridge Hospital to “celebrate the launch of their brand new 3T MRI scanner”.

One side of the invitation includes a picture of a smiling doctor sliding a contented-looking patient into the machine, while on the other guests are promised Champagne, canapés, the chance to “network with our world leading consultants” and “tours of the scanner”, whatever those involve.

In other words, a perfect night out. Though the fact that we received the invite 10 days after the RSVP date perhaps indicates we weren’t top of the guest list.