Amid the cut and thrust of health policy debate on the internet, spare a thought for those who get caught in the middle. 

Foremost among the innocent victims must be long suffering Twitter user Mr Benjamin M. A’Lee.

Why? Well, with the best will in the world, Mr A’Lee used his initials to create his Twitter handle, and so goes by the name of @bma.

It means this unassuming “Marxist socialist; feminist; Unix sysadmin; part-time history student at Birkbeck; volunteer first-aider with St John Ambulance” often gets tweeted at by people who think he is the British Medical Association.

End Game recommends you follow both.

It wouldn’t be amusing at all if we didn’t get to watch Mr A’Lee’s exasperation play out in real time.

But we do!

So we can sit back and enjoy exchanges such as this one, with mental health support worker and union rep @Smith1970Mike.

@bma: “@Smith1970Mike I wish you and your idiot mates would p*** off and stop whining at me about doctors.”

‏@Smith1970Mike: “@bma nice do you kiss your mum with that mouth. Sorry mistook you as someone with intelligence my mistake.”

@bma: “@Smith1970Mike I like the way you fail at basic reading comprehension then pass the blame onto me. :)”