A recent health committee select hearing provided a fine example of our greatest political minds offering their learned insights into the health system.

Sir Bruce Keogh was summoned to discuss a wide ranging agenda focused on his review of accident and emergency services, but also rambling into broader topics such as the thorny issue of what NHS England actually is, and how it isn’t the same as the Department of Health.

The highest standard of parliamentary oratory was on display, as honourable members sought to skewer Sir Bruce by blurting out arbitrary demands for information, then cleverly expose his failure to respond adequately by interrupting him before he’d had a chance to say anything.

After two hours of this the committee had finally established that NHS England doesn’t control the social care budget, and it was time to move on to the A&E review itself.

Unfortunately it rapidly emerged that some of the most talkative committee members hadn’t bothered to read it. Labour MP Rosie Cooper, we’re looking at you. And we’re shaking our head in disapproval.

Following one tirade Ms Cooper gave fellow Labour MP Valerie Vaz a little wink as if to say, “aren’t I a rogue?”

You’re not, Rosie, you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

Sincere End Game condolences go to committee chair and serious person Stephen Dorrell.