Word reaches End Game of an opulent evening out hosted by the Royal College of Physicians.

The “Harveian Oration and dinner” is an annual feast to celebrate the memory of the college’s 17th century benefactor Dr William Harvey. Guests are treated to a look inside the RCP’s cubist-influenced headquarters, and a lecture from someone clever about something important.

Star attraction though was the five-course menu, which read like a Nigel Slater dish reimagined by Edgar Allen Poe.

“Potted breast and leg of cackling goose,

pressed roots and leek terrine,

cherry wine and dewberry jelly with hand crafted open-fire ‘toasts’.”

We checked and it’s not quite a haiku. Elsewhere there was “thyme infused fondant potato” and “valrhona chocolate”. Not together, obviously, that would be mad.

Helpfully, there was an accompanying commentary by the chef, which explained the menu reflects the theme of man’s evolution, and the parallel evolution in his relationship with food.

There was no mention of TV dinners, weirdly.

Still, fabulous stuff from the RCP – proof again that if you want something done properly, make sure the doctors are in charge.