Readers may remember a common acquisition for any rebel-without-a-cause teenager was a “comedy” T-shirt  proclaiming: “Jesus is coming: look busy”. 

As a teen, End Game chortled at the wit and wisdom of the slogan. As a know it all student, End Game thought it was hackneyed and naff. It was only as we entered the world of work that we realised it was not a bad piece of advice.

Upon seeing Heart of England Foundation Trust’s press office website, End Game wondered if the copy writers had possessed a similar T-shirt during their salad days.

“We are a small but vibrant and bustling communications team,” it joyfully informs visiting hacks.

Vibrant and bustling? Jeepers. Either they have mistaken themselves for an up and coming neighbourhood in which to buy property, or they really are jolly busy indeed.

While End Game would never compare hacks to Jesus, it nevertheless salutes Heart of England’s contribution to the art of looking busy to outsiders.