It feels like a long time since we had a horrendously opportunistic press release to marvel at.

Maybe the public relations industry is getting the hang of judging the boundaries of taste, or perhaps we’re getting better at hitting “block sender”.

Anyway, the drought is over. Within a couple of hours of a teenage girl getting stabbed to death on a bus in Birmingham, Hillgrove PR had an offering about a “former NHS nurse” calling for a banned US self defence expert to be allowed into the country.

Sister Malti O’Mahony, who now works on Harley Street, “has situated herself firmly in the corner of Tim Larkin”, the press release said. Her contribution was the only remotely health-related link to any of this.

Mr Larkin was banned from entering the United Kingdom in late 2011 by home secretary Theresa May because his techniques were deemed “not conducive to the public good”.

In 2009 he held a class in Slough on how to “maim and kill in self-defence”, according to the BBC.

The press release added: “Also voicing her support for Larkin is Hillgrove PR co-founder Lois Hillgrove, who is also Larkin’s UK spokesperson.”


End Game is unsure how many people’s first thought at the terrible news from Birmingham was that if only this one man hadn’t been banned from the country things might have turned out differently.

But then, we’re not being paid to campaign on his behalf.