End Game has been a fan of NHS England’s colourful national director for patients and information Tim Kelsey for some time - and his Twitter account in particular.

The latest missives from what we like to think of as “Kelsey Uncut” were fired off after a privacy campaigner raised concerns around how well patient confidentiality would be protected when NHS England’s planned monster patient data compendium was up and running.

Mr Kelsey shot back: “You can object and your data will not be extracted and you can make no contribution to society.”

When another privacy campaigner accused him of being “incredibly offensive”, he began back peddling.

“Offence not intended - I meant contribution to health improvement thru sharing non PID [patient identifiable data],” he twote.

Well, of course! Everyone knows that “society” is Twitter shorthand for “health improvement thru sharing non-patient identifiable data”, don’t they?

Tee-Kay then deleted his original accusation but, as he should well know, you’ve got be pretty quick enough off the draw to beat End Game’s beady eye.