End Game is all for NHS hospitals diversifying as the squeeze on their traditional sources of income continues, but we’re starting to wonder just how far this is going to go.

In a flurry of entrepreneurialism, Salisbury Foundation Trust has launched a line of moisturising creams, based on one used by the trust to help burns victims.

“My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream” hit the market on April 12. It contains five per cent pure sunflower oil and no “parabens” – both attractive features in skin cream, End Game learns.

There’s two products in the range – a plain one and a lavender one, for the more florally inclined. Tubes are seven quid a pop, and 100 per cent of profits are reinvested in patient care, according to the venture’s website.

The moisturiser was originally developed at the trust for patients recovering from burns and plastic surgery, but “staff in the hospital found it works for them too”.

End Game wonders how they found that out.

More importantly, does it count towards the cost improvement plan? We look forward to other trusts finding clever things to flog to help ease the funding squeeze.

Prostheses with personalised tattoos? Flatteringly-renamed gauges of catheter?