We at End Game know you’re terribly busy and don’t always have as much time as you would like to leaf through the latest 25 page drone-fest from NHS England.

So we do it for you – and we were pleasantly surprised to find a little light relief tucked away in the mothership’s corporate governance framework.

Amid the usual worthy but mirthless fare was a section on policies – NHS England has some, we learned, and is adopting some more.

Among the new ones is a “policy on policies”, which sets out now new policies are going to be constituted. Frustratingly there was no word on which policy was employed to draw up the policy on policies, or indeed whether any new policy to change the policy on policies would have to be policy on policies compliant.

Nevertheless, the paragraph provided definitive proof that a somewhere in the bowels of Quarry House lurks an individual with a dusty dry civil servant’s sense of humour.