End Game has a wide range of interests, but normally we draw the line at cosmetics, so when a perfumer sent in a press release about some new smells they’ve made, we were all about hit “delete” without further thought.

But just before we did, we got a whiff of something rather more tasty.

It turns out that pong-mongers Ashleigh & Burwood have managed to represent Westminster using only scent.

The blurb says: “Imagine yourself amongst the historical seats of Parliament with this sensually masculine fragrance.”

We’re not sure whose seat in particular they have in mind, and we believe that it is now possible for women to become MPs, but let’s not nitpick.

“Intoxicating leathery base notes, teamed with black pepper and amber create a warm smokey aroma. Lightened with clean notes of rosemary and subtle lemon, this scent is engagingly unique.”

Anyone who as ever set foot in the Palace of Westminster will know it actually smells of toast. We can also report that, while it smells of rosemary and lemon when the canteen is serving Italian chicken, the Department of Health’s nearby Richmond House headquarters normally has a very clean, modern and gender-neutral fragrance.