End Game learns of more evidence of innovation from a commissioning support unit.

NHS South CSU has listed a set of private sector partner organisations on its website. This is in line with what policymakers had strongly suggested CSUs should do, to pull in expertise and new ways of doing things from outside the NHS.

Excellent stuff – everyone knows CSUs are going to need to come up with new ways of doing things since no one has any money or staff anymore.

Step forward The Worklife Company, who NHS South has brought in for their expertise in creating workplaces “that [align] the business environment to its customer and allows people to excel through modern approaches to work”.

A mosey through this organisation’s website reveals it has developed a range of tools to help workplaces become more “modern”.

These include a report called “Lipstick Leadership”, about excellent female leadership, and a range of workshops called SkillSnax – “because every hungry mind needs to be fed!”

Most intriguingly there’s Dancing round the Handbags – which comes in book, course, and coaching form.

The dance, we discover, represents all the day to day tunes that you dance to, which either project you towards your purpose and goals, or hold you back, creating imbalance, stress and guilt.

By reviewing your dances and de-cluttering your handbag of personal attributes, you will return to the dance floor of life, to dance to the tunes that you want to dance to.

End Game literally cannot wait to see what sort of dance NHS South CSU comes up with.