It would be charitable to describe as a communications fiasco, but anyone wondering about its impact on the status of NHS England’s national director for patients and information today received an unexpected answer.

It came in the form of a Downfall parody video. Readers will surely be familiar with the genre by now, but in case you’re not, it involves taking footage from the Hitler-losing-his-marbles-in-the-bunker chuckleflick and overlaying subtitles satirising a popular subject.

It’s not really surprising that some wag picked on Mr Kelsey and the trainwreck. After all, it has all the requisite ingredients of a lampoonable leader in a difficult position, isolated from developments in the real world, losing his rag over an avoidable catastrophe.

No, TeeKay has a thick enough skin to withstand a little ribbing, and is probably secretly pleased that he’s famous enough to warrant the Downfall treatment.

What makes this uncomfortable for NHS England’s director for patients and information is that the video was tweeted to the world by his boss, one Sir David Nicholson.

End Game has already admired the NHS England chief’s devil may care approach to social media. We wonder, though, if the normally ultra-engaged Mr Kelsey may wish Sir David is a little less liberated until all this blows over.