Are we a bunch of hard-nosed hacks who have seen too much of the cutthroat world of health policy? Yes, probably so, but even End Game’s icicle heart was warmed by a recent missive from Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust.

We opened the chief executive’s report expecting the financial warnings and depressing reports about norovirus bed closures, which are the norm across the sector. Instead, a stirring tribute to the warmth of mankind greeted us.

The first point under the “chief executive’s update” called for a focus on “equality and human rights”, going on to note how “the passing of Nelson Mandela, as a unifying figure, has prompted a lot of reflection on his promotion of one community of human beings”.

“What binds the community of this organisation i.e. our staff is our desire and passion for championing the rights of people who use our services,” Fiona Edwards wrote.

No, we’re not crying - we’ve just got something in our eye. In a world of cuts and uncertainty, let us give a small cheer for all those fighting the good fight in board rooms across the country.