The group campaigning for Stafford Hospital to remain open now have a new song to get behind, End Game learns.

Titled 50,000 People Can’t Be Wrong, the song is available to listen to on YouTube or to download from Amazon.

In End Game’s experience, NHS songs tend to fall into three categories: contemporary and preferably involving some rap; a cover of a classic with the words changed; and the brow-furrowingly earnest.

Given the seriousness of issue, readers should not be surprised that the Mid Staffs song falls squarely into the latter category.

Chanteuse Clare Palmer keeps the message vague, avoiding all mention of contentious mortality data, financial targets and cultural failings at a clinical level.

She gently suggests - presumably with those whose relatives were killed by poor care at Mid Staffordshire Trust in mind - that “sadness is hard sometimes but we need to find a way to move on”.

End Game would equally gently point out that the likelihood of 50,000 people all being wrong probably depends on the sample size. While the population of Stafford is only 65,000, the song informs us that “they” (the campaigners presumably) came from “near and far”. The trust’s catchment area totals 300,000.

So what are the odds of 50,000 people all being wrong in a sample population of 300,000? End Game hasn’t the foggiest, but it would need to be weighed against the likelihood of the alternative scenario – that 50,000 campaigners are right, but the other 250,000 are wrong. The logic of the song dictates that lots of people can’t be wrong at the same time. So 50,000 people out of 250,000 being wrong is much more likely than the 250,000 being wrong and the 50,000 being right.

We wait excitedly for Cure the NHS to put this to music.