End Game was uplifted to learn NHS England has opened its doors to the nation’s young people.

Recent board papers reveal that the mega quango was an enthusiastic participant in “Children’s Takeover Day”, which was all about listening, and learning, and engaging, and connecting.

The write up does not confirm whether Bill McCarthy, Barbara Hakin et al were forced to deliver their message in spoken rhyming couplets, which End Game understands is the preferred medium of communication for “da yout’”. We assume they did, and that sick beats were enjoyed by all.

Anyway the day was highly productive, and inspired several senior people to write pledges on post-it notes.

“Youth boards great idea!” Enthused medical director Sir Bruce Keogh.

“I would really value a youth board to help us make the difficult decisions we face”, added finance director Paul Baumann. A fair point – if you get young people to suggest future cuts, they will feel less like inter-generational theft.

Chief nurse Jane Cummings drew a smiley face and also said something about youth boards, but commissioning development director Ros Roughton went wildly off message and promised to make it easier to see your GP.

End Game’s favourite pledge was by Sir David Nicholson though. As blunt-talking as ever, he simply wrote: