It is not the BMA which is 'grossly misrepresenting' the argument over GP opening hours. It is the government's campaign of misinformation, inaccurate media reporting and misleading articles such as Richard Vize's blinkered editorial, writes Robert Morley

GPs, supported by the BMA, have been modernising primary care since the NHS began. To accuse it of "resorting to sabotage to block modernisation" is a disgraceful slur. The BMA and its GPs want to improve services: they are prepared to fight imposed, politically motivated changes detrimental to those in most need.

Mr Vize talks of being a "consumer" of healthcare and "replacing traditional GPs with contracted services from major private providers". Yes, "improvement must be led by patient need". That is exactly what the BMA is fighting for, and what GPs are willing to provide. It is a pity the government has other ideas.

Dr Robert Morley, executive secretary, Birmingham local medical committee