I read with great interest the article by Nicola Bullen about diversity on NHS boards. Even after 60 years of the NHS, it is still run by middle-aged, middle-class white people, albeit with a few more women. So what is the reason behind this lack of progress, despite the recent programmes?

Well, first, the glass ceiling idea that people feel comfortable with the status quo; that is, only people with years of experience can get to the top, who are mostly likely to be white and middle-aged.

Second, there is poor ability within the NHS in the talent management field.

The private sector has an excellent track record of managing talent and understands that it is the only way to stay in business. Until the NHS truly appoints people to senior positions based on ability and irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation, we will never have a truly diverse NHS.

Waheed Saleem, locality commissioning director, Birmingham East and North PCT