FINANCE: The area’s clinical commissioners are forecast to overspend their delegated budgets by £1.4m this year, the primary care trust’s latest finance report shows.

“In April 2011 the PCT delegated a number of budgets totalling £113.6m to GP consortia,” it states. “In June an additional budget of £552,000 for prescribing was awarded to GP practices from PCT reserves, following a benchmarking exercise to compare prescribing spend across the North West.

“The main area of concern for GP consortia budgets relates to prescribing, which is currently forecast to overspend by £1.5m,” the report states.

It added: “[CCG Bolton Health Consortium] is leading intensive work to reduce spend on GP prescribing and bring it back in line with budget before the end of the financial year.”

The report shows that delegated CCG budgets were overspent overall by £479,000 four months into the financial year, and forecast to be overspent by £1.4m for the full financial year 2011-12.