FINANCE: Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is reporting a marginal surplus of £0.1m for the 10 months ending January 2012.

However, this is a £4m shortfall from the planned surplus to date.

The trust had planned for a year end surplus of £5.4m, but is now forecasting a breakeven position.

In its latest board papers, the trust said it had “reached an agreement with NHS Sussex in relation to the majority of income components of the trust financial projections which equate to the trust delivering a break-even position at the end of the financial year”.

The papers added that £3m revenue in support of a major trauma centre had now been secured.

“Delivery of the forecast breakeven position requires confirmation of the reductions in the expenditure run rate previously reported and the mitigation of remaining risk issues,” the trust said.

It highlighted a number of significant risks during the current financial year:  

  • Operational financial performance must improve, which will have a consequential effect on cash flow
  • Slippage to date on delivery of cost improvements must be recovered through the recovery road map
  • Recoverability of income remains a risk whilst the Trust plan is above the PCT financial plans