PERFORMANCE: Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust has rolled out interactive electronic whiteboards to improve efficiency on wards.

New 40-inch screens have been installed in all inpatient areas to enable clinical staff to easily access and update information they need about a patient to help provide the highest standard of care.

The touch-screen system gives real-time information and allows the recording of patient admissions, discharges and transfers on wards to be done quickly and more efficiently.

Trust chief nurse Sherree Fagge said: “Ward staff can now see key information at a glance, including test results, whether a patient is at a risk of infection or those who are waiting for an assessment.

“The new whiteboards also give details of when patients are expected to go home and referrals for any nursing or social care they may need when they leave hospital.”

She added: “We used to use the old manual whiteboards which were time consuming to use and maintain.

“Now we can see the current status of every ward and every bed and we can see the location of every patient as they move throughout the hospital. This means we can be much more efficient and will ultimately result in improved care for patients.”